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Posted by mdbergmann at Jan 14, 2010 3:37:34 PM
Re: MacSword 2.0.7 - Unable to install modules
I completely uninstalled MacSword. And then I reinstalled. After that, I attempted to install modules using Module Manager. I still get the same lack of installation response. Unfortunately MacSword is not crashing right now and I lack crash logs.

How do you complete uninstall MacSword? Do you mean you trash the application?

When I click on "Edit Install Source" to see the network settings this is what is see:

Type: Remote
Name: CrossWire
Directory: /pub/sword/raw

When I click on the "Test Source" button, the response is "Warning. The information is not valid. Please check again."

So, possibly my ftp settings are incorrect.

They are correct.
This test checks for a mods.d folder on the server which in fact is there but something is wrong with this check.

I don't really know to be honest what might be wrong. Are you still not able to install a module?