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Posted by Osk at Dec 23, 2009 11:07:37 AM
Re: Installing own modules
To install modules manually on the device:

1) Make sure you have your iPhone/iPod and the computer with your modules on the same (WiFi) network.
2) Zip the modules you want to install into a single Zip file using the format of a Raw ZIP download from CrossWire. (Grab a Raw ZIP download to see what this should look like.)
3) Start PocketSword.
4) Tab "More" in the lower right corner.
5) Tap "Preferences"
6) Turn "Module Maintainer Mode" on.
7) Go back to the "More" screen and tap "Downloads".
8) Tap the asterisk in the upper right corner.
9) Follow the instructions on screen, which will give you the address where you need to point your desktop browser.
10) Navigate to the that address and follow the instructions in your browser window to upload the text to the iPhone/iPod.