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Posted by mdbergmann at Dec 19, 2009 3:33:59 PM
MacSword v2.1 beta testing

I'm planing to release a version 2.1 in the next time and anyone willing to help to do some testing is very welcome.
The most noteworthy features beside massive code refactorings, cleanups and general fixes are:
- Notes system. Left sidebar has a new category "Notes". Notes basically are RTF text files but manageable in MacSword. They can be created, moved and deleted from MacSword and are integrated into MacSword as tabs or windows. Bible references can be added to note's text which will show the reference target as tooltip or in the preview window.
This should give a bit of word processing capability without the need of another software like TextEdit.
- A different font can be chosen for every module
- left sidebar is more iTunes like with new drawer icons
- headings (pre-verse and book/chapter introductions) are now displayed when enabled.
- and of course the latest version of the SWORD engine including developer utilities

I guess one or two more things will find it's way into 2.1 but it would be great if the above mentioned things get some more testing.

!!! After using MacSword 2.1 you session file cannot be used with MacSword 2.0.x any longer.
Make a backup. !!!

You can download a beta version here: