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Posted by daniu at Apr 16, 2004 4:20:00 PM
Zefania->Sword Project, Sword Project->Zefania

Just been browsing araound a bit about free bible software and - it is just great what has happend in the last time.
but I also found that there are two big systems for pretty much the same purpose. Besides the many many Sword-Project bible Versions there is another project on Sourceforge that seems to have a similar purpose. Now I think it would be a good idea to work together and gain some profit from each other. I would like to see a program that can transfer the bible-versions from Zefanja to Sword-Project and vice-versa.

The Sword-Project-Format looks at least to me much more unreadable than the Zefania XML ... So - I do not really feel ready to perform that task. Besides that I would be crazy enough to use php or something like that - because ... who does not have an Apache and php/perl running on his machine :-) ?
But probably there is someone else who is more able and also interested ...