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Posted by Ingo at Apr 16, 2004 9:06:23 AM
Re: What is the latest ver. for Windows?
A few questions for the developers.

What is the latest ver. for Windows? I now use ver. 1.5.6.

I don't feel developer, but taking into consideration delay... let me answer.
By now 1.5.6 is actual windows version.

it seems that the original conf file does not contain all the string of the original. (I translated the original English file). For example, most items on the options menu remain in English.

One simple idea is to make translation of the source code and compile your version (with Install Manager and other resources). It should not take longer than one weekend, provided you're familiar with all that stuff called "programming"...

My question is: is it OK to publish (e.g. on my page) version localized this way? (placing "translated" source code in the net, too)?

In Christ,

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