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Posted by phpSword at Apr 9, 2004 3:41:18 PM
My project, FYI
Just in case anyone else would find such a thing useful...

I have begun writing "swordd" (Sword Daemon), which is a server process similar in design to, say, an SMTP or FTP server.

The idea is that instead of linking in the sword API, or mucking around with SWIG bindings, or shelling out to run external programs, etc. a sword client could merely connect to a sword server and issue queries and retrieve results.

Not only does this make client development far easier (in my case I'm writing a web bible interface in PHP) but it also offloads the storage and processing requirements to the server. This allows me to have one central server with every known module installed, and the light weight clients that don't need their own copies installed. And adding a module to the server makes it available to all clients immediately.

Anyway, this is something I want for my own purposes, but if it sounds useful to others I'd be happy to donate it to the overall sword project when it's a little more developed.