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Posted by mark9121 at Apr 7, 2004 3:38:29 AM
verse display by entering in dialogs
I have used Bibletime under Mandrake 9.1 and now Gentoo. I first downloaded an RPM which seemed to work. Maybe it's me. I'm not much into manuals. In the rpm version of 1.3 when I entered a book, chapter and verse, the first verse of the entered book and chapter would always be displayed. Scrolling down would show the entered verse in red. I have seen this in that RPM and on a slackware machine as well as this installation of gentoo. I had a friend who compiled 1.3 from source on the mandrake installation. In that version I could enter a book chapter and verse and the selected chapter and verse wouldbe displayed first in red. I can't figure out which configuration option it is in bibletime's interface. Is it a compile-time option? How is this functionality accomplished? Thanks.:)