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Posted by dhcolesj at Apr 6, 2004 10:08:29 PM
biggrin   active verse focus
My request is for the selected verse to become visible as well as highlighted. Right now what happens in BT 1.4.1, is that I change the verse in the menu bar of a bible and the first verse in the chapter comes up. I then have to scroll down to the verse I have tried to move to.
I would also love to have my ability to highlight and copy scripture from the search window returned. This used to be possible, but was lost in 1.4. I would also not mind if the whole context was NOT displayed in the search window when a found verse was clicked. Because it has the same problem as the normal Bible window, you have to scroll until you find the highlighted verse. I would like to have only the found verse visible as an option. (forgive my ignorance if it already is, and I just have overlooked it.)