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Posted by CiaW at Aug 24, 2009 4:53:46 PM
Re: Errors using 'make' on Sword engine
Hi Manfred,

thanks for the reply. I did of course unpack the archive first into the /usr/share directory (after giving my non-root user permission to access the folder!) then using su in a terminal I did the ./configure and make;

I think (though I'm not positive) that's what the directions in the readme said for v1.6; but now that I look at the install file for v1.5.11 it's suggesting something different.
Under Quick start it says:
 If you have never installed sword before and/or are happy with a default
configuration, you may wish to type:

make install_config

So I did that, and got:
 sword.conf generated 

I think that's a good thing!? Now onto unpacking Xiphos and see what it says to do... I'll contact xiphos as you suggested if I have issues with that. Hopefully I'll be back shortly to tell you I'm happily using Xiphos! smile

Cia W