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Posted by clarval at Aug 16, 2009 4:47:51 AM
Re: MacSword 2 beta announcement
Hi Manfred,

thanks again for your patience.

Sorry if that has come up before, but: Is it right that the new MacSword does not recognise the ".swd" modules in the same subdir as the application (in my case: /Applications/Macsword/Modules)? When I try to re-install modules, they are placed in ~/Library/Application Support/Sword, and are split up over subdirs, just as in Linux. I liked the ‘canned’ .swd files much better and the drag and drop installation much maccier. But maybe I'm missing something?

The module installer installs to the folder you mentioned.
However the .swd files are still supported. We can extend that to recognize also modules in the application folder. But that is not done at the moment. Only .swd files at
~/Library/Application Support/Sword are recognized.

Actually that is not correct.
Also modules (.swd) files in the same level as the application are recognized.

For me, moving .swd files to the same level as the application (/Applications/MacSword) does nothing, and installing to "~/Library/Application Support" crashes the programme immediately (I tried different modules – one at a time –, including GerHfa2002, Wulfila, KJV, Afr1953).