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Posted by mdbergmann at Jun 10, 2009 7:07:33 AM
Re: For the absolute Layman
Hi there.

The install procedure for MacSword is pretty much the same as for most other Mac applications.
Download the application here:

Then, if you've unzipped it and copied it to a location on your harddisk where you want to keep it you already have installed the application.

However the application itself doesn't contain any text modules.
To install text modules i.e. KJV:
- start the application by double clicking it
- open the module installer in the main menu above the "Preferences..." menu item
- in the window that opens, confirm the disclaimer
- then select the "CrossWire" install source on the left side and click "Refresh install source" in the toolbar
- select again and you should see a list of available modules on the right side.
- click on the name column to sort the list and look for the "KJV" module
- then set the task to "install" in the "task" column by clicking into the row. Make sure the task has really changed to "install".
- after that click "Process tasks" in the toolbar and your module gets downloaded and installed.
- you can close the module installer now and use the module.