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Posted by jonmmorgan at May 21, 2009 7:05:30 AM
Re: James Moffett Translation
The earliest Moffatt OT is 1924, while the "New Translation" is 1926, and later revisions are even later. These dates pose severe potential copyright issues, and I have no idea who would hold the copyright now. There didn't seem to be any good e-text sources. If you could get a copy of the original 1913 NT and create an e-text a SWORD module could be made, but other than that we cannot help you without permission from a copyright holder.

Moffatt's is certainly "different", but from my brief readings of it I do not see that much of it is of more value than any other of the many translations around. Any SWORD software would require considerable changes to display the extremely curious versification of Moffatt's translation, with things like a verse from a different chapter moved into the middle of another chapter and similar (I was in a class tonight where someone was using it, and when we looked at John 14 they complained it wasn't in their Bible!)