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Posted by mdbergmann at May 16, 2009 3:24:00 AM
Re: Fonts and pasting into a document.
I'm using the same font style for both MacSword and Open Office and the zoom is set to 100% in Open Office. When I set the font in Open Office at 12 and the font in MacSword to 12, the font in Open Office looks like this and the font in MacSword looks like this. . So I have to make the MacSword font about 18 to look the same as a font of 12 using the same style of font in both programs. But when I paste from MacSword to Open Office, the 18 font looks like an actual 18 font. So I guess what I'm saying is that the font in MacSword doesn't seem to be displaying it's true size. It appears in MacSword smaller than it really should be. Unless there is a zoom setting in MacSword?

Hmm, strange.
OpenOffice and also NeoOffice display the font a bit larger, right. I've noticed that when you set the zoom size to 100% and hold a letter or A4 paper on the screen the real paper is smaller then the 100% zoom factor of OpenOffice.
Here is a screenshot I've taken with four applications: MacSword, TextEdit, Pages and NeoOffice:

The only application that displays the font larger is NeoOffice/OpenOffice although Pages and NeoOffice have 100% zoom factor.
To be honest I don't know why.

As a workaround I would suggest to collect your scriptures and in OpenOffice and set the style for the complete text once you're finished.

Also, whenever I try to change the font in a window that shows search results, the only font that is changed is the reference. The rest of the characters, including the searched word in red, remain at a fixed size no matter what I set the font to.

One last thing that I noticed is that now (in build 212) the text/context selection is not working in BibleView.

Those are bugs, I'll check it, thanks.