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Posted by mdbergmann at May 14, 2009 12:08:36 AM
Re: Fonts and pasting into a document.
Hi Max.

Is there a way to make the font sizes displayed in MacSword correlate to the equivalent font size in a word processor? It seems like I have to select a font size of 18 or so in MacSword to look the same as a font size of about 12 in my word processor (Open Office). But when I paste from MacSword into the word processor document, the size 18 font shows up much larger than what it looked like in MacSword. Using a different front end (alkitab), when I paste into the word processor doc, it pastes as the current font being used in the document. Why is that?

That is because font sizes can differ from font to font.
That means a font size of 18 for Helvetica may not have the same visual size as font size 18 for New Times Roman.
It may also be that you have set a zoom level in OpenOffice that makes the fonts seem larger as they are.

MacSword copies the style information on copy operation. That means the style you have set in MacSword is copied with the text. When pasted somewhere the style is applied to the pasted text. I would say in most cases this is the wanted behaviour.
You could set the same font and size in MacSword which you use in OpenOffice so that you don'T have to change the font/size once you pasted into OpenOffice.

I don't why Alkitab does not do it, maybe because it is not able to copy the styles or it simply doesn't do it.

Also, will it be possible later to select a larger font for the tool tip and for the preview window?

I'm not sure if this is possible for the Tooltip but for the preview panel it is, yes.