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Posted by StreetSwordMax at May 13, 2009 10:57:17 PM
Fonts and pasting into a document.

I have a few questions about fonts...(I'm using

Is there a way to make the font sizes displayed in MacSword correlate to the equivalent font size in a word processor? It seems like I have to select a font size of 18 or so in MacSword to look the same as a font size of about 12 in my word processor (Open Office). But when I paste from MacSword into the word processor document, the size 18 font shows up much larger than what it looked like in MacSword. Using a different front end (alkitab), when I paste into the word processor doc, it pastes as the current font being used in the document. Why is that?

Also, will it be possible later to select a larger font for the tool tip and for the preview window?