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Posted by VampiroSlack at Apr 15, 2009 8:49:18 AM
Re: Bibles in Portuguese

think I've found what we need for the beginning: a module of the ACF - Versão de Almeida - Revista e Corrigida Fiel aos Textos Originais biggrin . yes, right your beloved Almeida Corrigida Fiel which also I pretty appreciate. smile

to download it, the link is this one: (link removed).

well, and I've not forgotten to advise about it at Crosswire's Wiki .

anyway, it's amazing how Brazil`s Bible societies and publishers ride on "their" copyrights which often, according to Brazilian law, they would not even have. Brazil's copyright legislation basically follows the Berne convention but in 1998 has raised authors' rights terms of expiry to 70 years; the Berne Convention's Articles 7 and 7bis are pretty quite clear. the specific law which rules copyrights in Brazil is Law Nº 9.610, from 19 February 1998.