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Posted by dmsmith at Mar 29, 2009 6:49:47 PM
Re: Weblink to Bible tool with translation as well as reference?
You can add mod=ACV (or the initials of any module, that is the [initials] of the module as found in the conf) to any call to passagestudy.jsp.

We are working on changing the SWORD engine to accept an OSIS reference of the form:
v11n. is a versification known to the SWORD engine. This is optional, defaulting to KJV.
work. is the [initials] of the module as found in the conf. This also is optional, defaulting to Bible.
ref is a verse or range reference using osisIDs
!grain is an ignored specifier of part of a verse, typically !a, !b, !c... This also is optional.

If v11n is present not understood by the SWORD engine, it will be assumed to be KJV. Note, if v11n is present then work needs to be present.

If work is present and is not an installed module, then applications are free to use any Bible that fits the v11n. They may choose a user preferred Bible.

My suggestion is that you encode references as such. If the SWORD engine does not handle your module, create a copy that strips the v11n and/or work as needed, until such time as the engine is improved.

Hope this helps.

In Him,
DM Smith