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Posted by dmsmith at Mar 29, 2009 6:36:21 PM
Re: Help with API for VB
We have a c++ and a java implementation of the engine. (The Java implementation lags the c++ implementation.) These are cross-platform interfaces, working on every OS and not Microsoft specific, as C# and ActiveX would be.

You are welcomed to use either of these.

We have a swig binding to make the C++ frontend somewhat available to other languages. These might be useful.

Regarding compression, we use either Zip or LZSS to compress a "block" held in the index. The file as a whole is not compressed.

Also, that you can read the uncompressed format is not surprising, but there is no guarantee the order of the verses in the dat file. The index, depending on the versification, determines the order. And the format is not guaranteed, and may change at any time (and is with the 1.5.12 release supporting alternate versification.)

I hope this helps and answers your question.

In Him,
DM Smith