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Posted by mdbergmann at Mar 22, 2009 1:21:56 PM
Re: Workflow on beta 2
Ah, I see its global linked to all hyperlinks within the application... really cool idea
A option to setup the time of hovering over a link to be activated would be cool :)

You can also just click on it.
I've searched for a time setting but couldn't find anything in the Apple SDK docu.

and I wish a option to regulate the transparancy of the preview-window and perhabs a option
that implements it into the existing arrangement or my workspace... hmmm but where...!?!?
Perhabs in the Books/Bookmarks-bar?

The preview window is the new HUD (Head Up Display) style that Apple brought in Leopard.
The transparency is predefined and applies to all HUD style windows.
At the moment there is no option to integrate it as a view into the workspace.
Maybe it'll come later but the flexibility in bounds of this window is much greater if it is floating.
You could for example make the workspace window so high that the preview panel fits below the window in full width.
Or alternatively put the preview to the right in full screen height and shrink the width of the workspace window.