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Posted by ssuuddoo at Mar 18, 2009 11:48:09 AM
confused   aha
Little problem is, that bible from SSV has deuterocanonical books, which are in this version of sword not supported. On many places is different numbering from KJV version. We are now working on it.

The director from the SSV wrote me that he gave the rights to publish the Holy bible for these pages:,,,,
And if there is a need, he can send them to me also. So the publishing rights should be ok.

Dealing with the deuterocanonical documents, these would be:
Prophet Baruch, Prophet Daniel, Judith,Book of Wisdom, Tobi, 2nd Macabee, 1st Macabee, Sirach. They do not include any of the New Testament books.

I recommend to start working with the conversion for the slovak module
to be available.

I will have a look at the possibility to have it in the next version.