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Posted by etienne at Mar 14, 2009 1:42:51 AM
Feature Requests for Xiphos
Hi! I am using Xiphos on Ubuntu Intrepid, and being a student at a Seminary, I am using it for academic reasons, mainly focusing on using it for my Greek and Hebrew studies. For this reason, I have feature requests which will make it easier to use for such purposes:

1. In addition to the tabbed view of Bibles, would it be possible to be able to have them windowed? That way, it would be easier to view a chapter in its own context. (Like BibleTime does) I am aware of Xiphos's parallel view, but I want to be able to view the NetBible and the Greek in each one's own context. This is a feature of Libronix that makes translation so much easier...

2. I have come across the InvStrongs Hebrew and Greek lexicons (thanks to Charcoal on the #xiphos IRC) and I was wondering if it is possible to incorporate them with the normal Strong's lexicons: What I mean is that if i hover over a Strong's number, I want to be able to see the original Hebrew word, not just the transliteration in Latin letters. Is this possible?

Thanks for your patience with my demanding feature requests!

Love and peace,
Etienne Snyman
(Stellenbosch University, South Africa)