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Posted by Simon at Feb 12, 2009 11:12:05 AM
confused   I can't get the headings to work properly
Hello again.
I hope someone has the patience to help me.

I have started to try to code a new module, using the OSIS language and the editor jEdit.
The Bible text I am using has lots of headers (non-canonical) in the text. I want to use those headers in the module, so I checked the OSIS instructions on the wiki, and the OSIS manual from Bible Technologies.
I have tried using the <title></title> tag, but the headings doesn't show in MacSword, even after I have used "Show/hide headers" under the Format menu.
I have also tried giving the <title> tag various attributes, such as type="section", type="sub" and canonical="false". It didn't make the headers work either.
To make the matter more frustrating: once the headers did show up in MacSword, but I can't remember how I had written the tags. If I didn't know better I would say that I hadn't changed anything when the header didn't show up next time.

Every time I have changed something in the module I have tried showing and hiding the headers in MacSword, to try to show the headers.

I know MacSword can show headers, because I have seen them in the KJV module. In that module, the headers are placed at the top of every chapter.
Is it impossible to place headers in the middle of chapters?

Please help...