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Posted by lflikw at Jan 27, 2009 12:03:07 PM
Re: Luther 1984 and MacSword?
When I switched to OS X I found that my Windows-Bible-Programs didn't work even with wine.
And the few Mac-Bible-Programs like Accordance are not to cheap.
Then I found MacSword!
Which made me happy.
Unforunately there's no Luther 1984 text.
From a long time ago I still have this text as an ASCII-file on my HD.
I wonder if it is possible to make a module out of it - and how to do it.
Any hints?

Yes, you paid Copyright for OS9, Also for OSX...
You can read ONE bible at a time. Not in OS9 and OSX. So I think you can convert the txt version to MacSword for you're own use.

To make a module with a text still under copyright would be likely breach of the same. We would want to have nothing to do with that.

Why don't you instead approach the copyright holders and ask them whether they would be interested in allowing us to use their text or indeed whether they would be interested in selling a module for CrossWire. Hoffnung fuer Alle is available in this fashion.

What is: Hoffnung fuer Alle... ???