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Posted by mistere357 at Jan 24, 2009 6:11:48 AM
Re: GnomeSword 2.4.1 crash on Ubuntu 8.10
Do you have a book open in the window or not?

I have, for example, opened the Apostle's Bible in the list of Biblical Texts:

Biblical Texts -> English -> AB -> Exodus

In the area that has the tabs [Standard View | Parallel View] there is text in the Standard View tab but not in the Parallel view.

In the area that has the tabs [Commentary View | Book View] there is text in the Commentary view tab but there is NO text in the Book View tab.

When I switch to the Book View tab there is no text but there are 4 arrows in the top right corner and a drop-down box at the top. If I click anywhere in that tab area or on the arrows or on the arrow that expands the drop down I get the segfault.

Also, I notice that the lower right pane (dictionary?) generates the same segfault if I click the arrow up/down or try to expand the dropdown list.