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Posted by hiong3.eng5 at Jan 17, 2009 4:09:07 AM
Re: TEI dictionary sample?
The code below is my initial tei, It only shows the first entry on sword. But there are no way to select the entries. If I go to another glossary and go back, there will be nothing but a : on the screen.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TEI xmlns=""
<title>Taiwanese Toolbox Mandarin-Taiwanese-English Dictionary</title>
<publisher>Taiwanese Toolbox</publisher>

<change when="2009-01-15">This sword module project began</change>


<entryFree n="亞洲">
<lang rend="italic">nan.</lang>
<cit type="translation" xml:lang="nan">A-chiu (亞洲)</cit>
<def xml:lang="en">Asia</def>

<entryFree n="埃及">
<lang rend="italic">nan</lang>
<cit type="translation" xml:lang="nan">Ai-kip8 (埃及)</cit>
<def xml:lang="en">Egypt</def>