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Posted by dmsmith at Jan 13, 2009 3:55:14 PM
Re: long dash quote
Your usage of the marker attribute seems correct and should work.

The problem you are encountering might either be an application problem or an osis2mod problem.

One way to determine whether it is an application problem is to use a different SWORD app to see if it is a problem in it. If you see a problem with it in Bible Desktop then it is probably a problem with osis2mod.

BibleDesktop uses the JSword engine. So using it is a good way to double check.

If it is an application problem, get the latest GnomeSword or build it from source code control. Most distributions are way behind on their version of GnomeSword.

If it is an application problem, make sure you are using the 1.5.11 version of osis2mod or build it yourself out of svn.

Other than that, the only way I can help is to have a sample file. (You'd need to get it to me privately as we don't want to post module source here.)

In Christ,
DM Smith