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Posted by pixelmeister at Jan 5, 2009 8:13:57 AM
German Revised Elberfelder - Strongs Greek-German
Hello everybody,

I have been using the Online Bible from Importnatia Publishing on a Windows PC. I am a happy owner of a new MacBook now and of course one of the real important things in life is working with my bible. I have been looking through some software alternatives and ended up with Mac Sword now.
Mac Sword accomplishes in generall what I would like to have. But I am missing some modules. I have seen, that this seems to be the case for some other users as well, but never the less, maybe someone has a good idea or someone is willing to set up a project:

I really would like to have the revised german elberfelder added to the modules. I know it is a question of license. I think someone has to talk to Brockhaus (I think they are holding the license). Is there any information on this available?

I like to work with the Strongs-Greek dictionary. In my Online Bible there was a german version available. Is there anything like that for the sword project?

Thanks for your help, looking forward to hear from someone...