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Posted by Osk at Dec 30, 2008 8:55:08 AM
Re: Website Linking
This page has a couple of example links:

The top link is the format used by Logos. If you have Logos installed, clicking it will open to the appropriate verse in that software. If you don't have Logos installed and you do have The SWORD Project for Windows installed, that will open to the appropriate verse.

The bottom link shows the format used by many Sword front-ends. I couldn't tell you which actually support it, but that page (and thus the format itself) date to around 2001, so they've all had ample opportunity to implement it.

The basic format for Sword's private protocol calls is sword://<module ID>/<key value>. The key value would be a verse reference to a Bible (generally well supported), but could also be other key types (words, dates, etc.) for other module types (dictionaries, daily devotionals, etc.).