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Posted by jpinjapan at Dec 26, 2008 7:34:31 AM
Re: Installation Errors and adding Modules
Oh, and I forgot to mention about other English modules...

So far, the SwordReader for Pocket PC only supports Bibles and Commentaries, though I have only been successful with English Bibles so far. The way to get the other translations of the English Bible to display is...

Download the modules you wish to use.

Unzip the files where ever you can find them easily.

Each Bible will have two folders, one called mods.d and the other called modules. The SwordReader Program on your device also has these two folders. The contents/files of each of these downloaded Bible folders need to be copied into the respective folders under Program/SwordReader/ on your device or storage card or where ever you installed your program. Be sure open each folder down to the file level, and only copy the files, then paste them into the same folders in the SwordReader program where the kjv files are already.

This is a tedious process, and I am sorry I cannot explain it better. If you have a more simple way to explain it, I will be grateful if you can post it.

Anyway, then do a soft reset and open your SwordReader and all being well, you will see the titles of your additional English Bibles under the Translations Menu. Tap the translation you wish to read, and it will open and you can find your desired Chapter and Verse.

Thank You!