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Posted by flakzeus at Dec 8, 2008 7:18:59 AM
Several ideas on how to improve GnomeSword
I've grown accustom to SeedMaster in Windows as well has the other people that I study the Bible with but I use Linux and SeedMaster just doesn't cut it for me under WINE. I started using GnomeSword after i was able to convert my NKJV and NIV bibles over to sword modules (which was another ordeal) and for the most part I am pleased. However, there are a few annoyances I have with GnomeSword and I have a few ideas to make it better.

1)With multiple tabs open, I can change the verse in one tab and the rest will follow as I want it to. When I click on another tab, say the KJV tab, it will revert back to Rev 1.1. Now how I got here is, I searched for a word and then clicked the verse in the previewer pane which brought it up in the tab. I then clicked the KJV (deafult is NKJV) and it reverted back. This also brings me the second annoyance/idea.

2)When searching for words, and more along with the results, when a person clicks a verse it will bring it up in the previewer pane which is fine. However, would it be possible to have when a person double clicks the search result verse that it will bring the verse up in the tab. Instead of having to click the search result, then click the verse in the previewer.

3)One thing that really seems to be lacking in GnomeSword is Strong's Concordance. In SeedMaster, the concordance is wonderful, it is very detailed and easy to read. This is not so with GnomeSword. I would love to get the Concordance from SeedMaster converted over to GnomeSword but I can't figure out how to do that.

Thanks for listening.