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Posted by ua4ever at Dec 5, 2008 10:37:30 AM
Re: Convert SWORD Project Bibles to Sony LRF Format?
This means exactly what it states on the tin. It has little to do with copyrights (at least in the example you have given) nor with closing over CrossWire, but everything with faithfulness to the text.

When texts are passed on from website to website and getting converted and reconverted then it becomes increasingly hard to trust them.

Go back to the source like we did.

Thank you. The desire to have one "custodian" for the electronic text is a worthy one. I just wish that:

it would be more transparent who the source/custodian is (e.g., as part of the description of the module);
the new formats (OSIS, ThML) would be sent back to the source if the source/custodian does not have them;
the corrected typos/issues would be fed upstream to the custodian;
The CrossWire would take the role of the custodian for the texts when the original source is no longer available or nonresponsive.