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Posted by ua4ever at Dec 1, 2008 5:28:15 PM
Some issues with the Ukrainian Bible module
A little while ago I posted my revisions to the Ukrainian Bible source file on the Go Bible forum. (use rev.1 which is latest) There were mispellings, missing letters (especially at the beginning of verses), and most significantly the phrase "немов сонце, а ноги його" was missing in Rev. 10:1. I have mostly focused on NT, so I may look closer at OT later.

It appears that the source file that found its way to the Go Bible is different from the one used here. For example, here the original verse numbering is lost when the Ukrainian numbering differs from KJV (there are more than 3,000 differences); in the Go Bible source the original numbering is preserved in parenthesis in the text, which I think is very important for those who use the Ukrainian Bible in their daily life and mostly rely on its numbering.

I also noticed that there is something wrong with Joel 3 in the Sword Ukrainian Bible: verse 5 is followed by verse 21 that is a couple of pages long. I think this was done by the automatic osis2mod tool (or some other conversion tool) that revises verse numbering to fit the KJV style.

The Ukrainian Bible's Joel has four chapters. Based on the paper edition, the Ukrainian chapter 3 with its five verses should be placed at the end of chapter 2 in KJV, while the whole Ukrainian chapter 4 should be numbered as 3 in KJV. The sword conversion tool appears to have left Ukrainian chapter 3 alone (with its five verses) but then added to the chapter 3 all of chapter 4 (in Ukrainian) as verse 21 (the last verse of KJV in this chapter).

Given that the numbering in OT differs in many places, there may be other issues. The source found on the Go Bible was manually renumbered by someone to fit KJV numbering and the original numbering is preserved in parenthesis.

P.S. For more info on verse numbering differences, please see