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Posted by scribe at Dec 1, 2008 3:47:05 PM
Re: OSIS questions
Dear ua4ever, SWORD supports the concept of 'strip filters' which get executed before a search. We have a few of them for stripping diacritics and other accents. I am not familiar with the general Unicode concept of 'stress' symbols, but if you can point me to the code region for these, I can add a 'Stressmarks' strip filter to the next release of the engine for you.

Ok. Apparently, there is no answer to the word stress problem in OSIS. This is unfortunate, putting in a note for each word with word stress is unreasonable.

If OSIS can't help, then I would make a suggestion for the Sword to implement a list of chars to be excluded/ignored during search. In addition to the Unicode word stress, I could add an apostrophe (it can take several forms depending on the language '’), punctuation/quotation marks, etc.