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Posted by ua4ever at Nov 25, 2008 10:30:43 AM
Re: Convert SWORD Project Bibles to Sony LRF Format?
Chris, could you please elaborate on your statement?
In a different thread you in a similar fashion indicated, "We do not support module extraction or any other kind of conversion from Sword format to other formats."

Let's assume that the module in question contains a public domain translation of the Bible. This way we exclude all copyright issues.

What is the SWORD project's policy on format conversions away from SWORD to other projects?

1. Does SWORD prohibit conversions?
2. Does SWORD not take active steps to facilitate such conversions?
3. Does SWORD take active steps to prevent such conversions?

If there is a desire to "close" the SWORD platform, what are the reasons (again we exclude copyrighted modules)?

Why does the SWORD Project not post sources for those of its modules that are in the public domain (other than the KJV) so that we would not be talking about "conversions"?

Do you contribute revisions of the sources back upstream to where you obtained them? Is there an easy way to find out where your module's source came from?

Let's test the above on the King James Clarified NT module in the beta repository. It is public domain. The source website has a web presentation but does not keep an osis source.