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Posted by mdbergmann at Nov 25, 2008 7:45:58 AM
Re: Cannot Install Modules into MacSword
I deleted all the modules I downloaded myself. And then I used the crosswire to download the modules but they dont download.

What did you exactly do in order to select and download the modules?
"They don't download" is not very presice and thus it is hard to help you.
Do you see the modules after you refreshed the install source?
You need to select the "Install" task and see that the "Install" stays. Only modules that are marked "Install" will be installed.

Which version of MacSword do you use actually?

I dont know what to do I may just delete the program and forget about it.

That's your choise.
I'm willing to help you further if you want. The better you explain the better I can help you.