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Posted by jpinjapan at Nov 13, 2008 6:55:13 AM
confused   Installation Errors and adding Modules
I am hoping to use your Reader for English and Japanese Bibles on my PDA.

I have an iPaq Pocket PC pda 2750 running Japanese OS Windows Mobile 2003.

I downloaded your Pocket PC Sword Reader Pre-release version 1.0.0.

Using Active Sync, I installed the Reader to the SD card on my iPaq.

An error message appeared stating the version installed was for a previous OS so it may not display properly. But it opens and I am able to read/search the kjv Bible. However, every time I open The Sword Project Reader it shows an error message saying it cannot read the kjv the exact file name and location, and says it is error 32. I tap "ok" about 4 times and then it opens and is perfectly legible and fine. Do you know why this error comes up?

Also, I have tried to add modules per your instructions of downloading the raw zipped modules to my SD Card/The Sword Project folder, then extracting them to the same folder. When I open the program, and get through all the error messages, still, only the kjv shows up on the translation menu. Thankfully the kjv is still legible, but how do I get the modules to show up as you show on your screenshots?

I understand that this is not yet a stable version, so maybe it is out of my league, but just in case someone somewhere has some insights of what to do next, I post.

Thanks So Much!