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Posted by danielbair at Oct 27, 2008 11:14:10 AM
smile   Re: Creating a General Book Module
Regarding thml2gbs vs. xml2gbs, the former is just the old version of the latter. When we began moving to OSIS, we generalized thml2gbs to accept either ThML or OSIS input and renamed it xml2gbs.

Presuming you have a valid ThML file, xml2gbs should work for you. There are too many variables for me to guess why you would be having a problem (e.g. incorrect permissions, .conf file errors, unvalidated ThML, or even simply unanticipated ThML structures).

I found the problem. The xml2gbs was expecting divn (div1, div2, div3, etc.) and my document didn't have any of those. The htm2thm script didn't create any divn so I hacked it to just add a div1 around the body text.

Hurray, I now have all my personal genbooks installed like I wanted.