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Posted by mdbergmann at Oct 12, 2008 1:05:58 AM
Re: Module Installer not working

You don't need to create the "Sword" folder when using the module installer.
It is created by the module installer actually and only needs to be created manually if you want to install modules manually.

Sword modules have a specific folder structure with mods.d and modules folders.
In mods.d are configuration files per module.
The modules folder contains the texts either compressed or uncompressed.

The .swd files are Mac specific modules files because Mac can treat folders like files in Finder when the filename extension has been registered and Finder knows about it.
In fact .swd files have the same folder structure with mods.d and modules folders.

However all this you actually don't need to know if you use the modules installer.
It installs modules to ~/Library/Application Support/Sword
Make sure you have configured the module location path in MacSword to be this path.