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Posted by VJRhodes at Oct 11, 2008 10:45:38 PM
Module Installer not working
I am running Leopard 10.5.5 0n Intel MacBook Pro. Installed MacSword 1.4.3_119, ran Module Installer after adding "Sword" folder in "username"/Library/Application Support/ as per ReadMe. Selected modules "installed", but still cannot find any modules at all after force quit/reopen MacSword. On the MacIntosh HD location all the modules appear as single files with ".conf" extension. In the new Sword folder is another folder "InstallMgr"/ inside that is a mods.d folder, a modules folder and a mods.d.tar.gz file. Inside the module folder is more folders, but no files in them. I've installed/uninstalled a couple times trying to figure this out, and noticed that there were, on prior attempted installs, files with ".bzz", or maybe ".bvz", or silmilar, in the modules folders, which are missing in current install.
Why are .conf files in MacIntosh HD?
Am I missing some files?
I'vre read about .swd files, but don't understand all the file extensions involved. Do I need to convert .conf files to .swd?
Thanks in advance for any insight and help forthcoming.
Vic Rhodes
divertscash at