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Posted by coshoctoncountry at Oct 5, 2008 3:17:51 PM
Re: new MacSword User
You should be using the most recent version of MacSword 1.4.3. If not, you can download it at one of the links given in preceding posts. (Eloquent-0.3.0 functionality is built right into MacSword 1.4.3, making this process relatively easy . . . if you know what to do, of course.)

Try the following.

After installing it, open MacSword 1.4.3. You will find under the MacSword menu (on the left of your screen) a line that reads, "MODULE INSTALLER". Select that option. A blank, fairly large "MODULE MANAGER" window will open. Click the bright green "PLUS" icon at top left. A smaller "INSTALL SOURCE WINDOW" opens. In this window, do the following—

Set "TYPE" to "Remote". (FWIW, I think you'll find that this its default.)
For "NAME" enter -----> Crosswire Bible Society
For "HOST" enter ----->
For "DIRECTORY" enter -----> /pub/sword/raw/

Click "Okay". Now you can do some shopping: it's your turn! Enjoy.

If you have any problems, post again. Thank you.

God bless!