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Posted by dmsmith at Sep 2, 2008 7:24:49 AM
Re: Translation for Name of Book
It would help if you identified which SWORD program you are referring to (e.g. The SWORD Project for Windows, BibleTime, GnomeSword, MacSword, BibleDesktop, ...) As far as I know, none of our front-ends show Bible book names in the language of the publication, but the language of the user.

To see this you can set your computer's locale to the language you wish to see. How to do this differs by operating system (i.e. Mac, Linux, Windows). So consult your manual on how to do this.

As to having the list of names match the module you are looking at, there are some complexities. Most of our front-ends are geared toward viewing Bibles in parallel. In such case, it would be difficult to determine which one language the names should be presented in. Should it be the language of the first bible shown? The most frequent language shown? The language of the user, if there is a Bible in that language being shown? Should all the languages be shown?

Some of the programs are translated into multiple languages. I know that Bible Desktop is translated into both traditional and simplified Chinese. You might find that as a help.