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Posted by XenophonJones at Jul 11, 2008 1:04:23 PM
Belarusian Bible for SWORD - I HAVE FILES!!!
I'm looking for a version of the Syomukha (Semukha) translation of the Bible in modern Belarusian for the SWORD project. So far as I am aware, copyright shouldn't be a concern, as I did fairly easily find files for loading it on the BibleQuote program ( - nice little program; module development seems to be very active. I hate to say it, but if it ran on Mac OS X, I'd switch from MacSword). Of course, respect for copyright in Russia... Well, you know.
If someone would be good enough to look at or convert the files I have to something usable by SWORD, I can send along an archive; they appear to be nothing more than a collection of HTML files, one file per book, one verse per line with chapter introductions on their own line as well, encoded in Windows Cyrillic. There's a top-level config file as well. I'm not a developer or programmer, so don't ask me any more than that. I've digged and plunged and searched and I can't make sense of the conversion tools and developers resources provided around here (does this "Diaspora" program exist anymore?).
I'd rather be able to open the Syomukha's Belarusian Bible in MacSword than have to boot up Windows XP on VMWare Fusion to run BibleQuote, so if anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it. I'm also assuming that if I can get it into SWORD's file format, I'll be able to run the converter to put it on Bible+ for my Palm or eventually get SWORD on the iPhone (what are the plans for iPhone development, anyways?)