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Posted by DrMeers at Jun 9, 2008 5:29:26 PM
Albert Barnes' Notes on the OLD TESTAMENT?
I'm using GnomeSword on Ubuntu, and am wondering why there isn't a Barnes Notes on the Old Testament module -- only one for the New Testament? e-Sword has a free "Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible" module which includes both OT and NT (link).

Does anyone know why the Barnes OT Commentary is not available as a SWORD module?

I'm also a software developer, and would be happy to take on this work if it is just a question of someone putting one together. I understand from the FAQ that we're discouraged from converting e-Sword (for example) modules into SWORD ones in case copyright issues are breached -- otherwise I'd have started already.

If it is possible/legal for me to make one, can anyone direct me in the correct way of going about it?