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Posted by Shmuel at Feb 27, 2004 4:31:51 PM
Modula making
I'm trying to create a module. It is a modern hebrew bible with punctutation. It is in UTF-8.

I had it as vpl, then I tried to vpl2mod, but it didn't work for some reason.
Then I created a Java program to convert it to ThML.
Then I tried xml2gbs and thml23gbs. They both made some files
(.bdt, .dat, .idx).
Then I tried to Install it with Install Manger, but it didn't find anything.
I also tried to copy the contents to the "right" folder according to the .conf file.
I have this conf file in the mods.d folder.
And I have the SWORD_PATH correctly set.

It ended up in the sword as an empty module.

If you know whats wrong, I'd like to know it too.