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Posted by BillyReuben at Jan 17, 2008 7:25:00 PM
Re: Daily Devotional missing days
I've narrowed the problem down to my import process.

I said earlier that I used mod2imp on the Day By Day By Grace devotional and created a dbd.imp.

I followed my earlier process, running imp2ld dbd.imp. The resulting dbd.dat file is identical to the one I downloaded, but the resulting dbd.idx was 2928 bytes compared to the 2196 bytes of the original.

I replaced the original dbd.dat and dbd.idx in my /home/billy/.sword/modules/lexdict/rawld/devotionals/ directory and restarted BibleDesktop, and it is now showing one day and skipping the next two, repeating. It no longer works at all in GnomeSword.

Fortunately I saved a backup, because I like that devotional. smile

So either I'm using the wrong import command or I'm using the import command incorrectly, or there is a bug in the version of mod2imp that I am using.

Oh, I forgot to say what versions I'm using.
Sword: 1.5.9
GnomeSword: 2.2.3
BibleDesktop: 1.0.7

I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) those are the versions of Sword and GnomeSword that install from Synaptic. I'm running BibleDesktop from Java WebStart, using JDK 1.6.