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Posted by tzelmelek at Feb 26, 2004 2:26:51 AM
biggrin   messianic writeings modules....
hey all!

i was wondering if it would be all possable to create modules for the sword project for people who do Torah study to the "parashat" 3 year torah cycle?

there is a website that has a ton of info for the 3 year cycle, ... what i was wondering if there was a way to make a devotinal plugin that would parse that weeks torah, haf-torah (the prophets), tehillim (psalms), birit haddashah (new testament), and also mishna, and talmud readins for that week.
i know that you have both the JPS (jewish publication society) version of the Tanach already coded as a module, and also the orthadox jewish new testament. so they would be ready to plug into the module interface.

also i was wondering if you could include a module for a siddure for shabbat, and the jewish festivals. which they also have on the orthadox messainic website as well...
and also a passover haggadah.

and for some really cool commentarys, like rashi, which they have his writtings and teaching on another good jewish commentator to make a plugin for is Bal haturim... they might also have his stuff on the sight as well.

thanks ;-) this would give the sword project some really cool material to add to an already awesome program.... i have used it much in my christianity and world presectives class.