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Posted by davidbbell at Dec 15, 2007 12:09:29 AM
Re: Converting eSword to Sword for use in MacSword
The files you now have are simply text. If you are working on a Bible, you have a file with one line for every verse in the Bible. The first column has the row number. The second is the number which corresponds to the book. The third, the chapter and the fourth the verse.

What I have done is pull it into a spreadsheet and delete the first column. Actually you could delete all the columns and run the vpl (verse per line) tool. For some reason I had trouble getting that to work, so I deleted the first column and then converted the references from the numeric formula to the traditional form: 1,1,1 becomes Genesis 1:1. I then inserted $$$ before the reference and added a line break after it. The result is a file that is ready for the imp tool.

Hope that helps some!