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Posted by sword.w.micmurphys at Jul 29, 2007 2:13:47 PM
Re: Bug?: Clicking a multiple verse reference only displays one verse
I agree. For example, if I enter the reference for Gen 1:1-5, I would like to see verses 1 through 5 highlighted as the active verse rather than just the first one. Additionally, v 1.5.9 of The SWORD Project for Windows has gotten rather bad about having the first verse of such a reference appear at the bottom of the window so that you have to scroll up to see the second verse in the list. Could someone fix the code so that when given a reference like John 3:16-18 that all three verses appeared in the middle of the window (if possible) or at least the first verse of a multi reference appeared in the top half of the window rather than at the very bottom.