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Posted by dmsmith at Jul 25, 2007 7:41:45 AM
Re: removing extra characters from Bibletime SUSE 10.0
I use the KJV a great deal in Bibletime but I waste a lot of time removing things like (*) and ¶

There are no * in the KJV. Perhaps you are using an old version. Or perhaps this is how BibleTime marks words that are not in the original language. In the original KJV text, these were shown in a different font and size. In more recent editions, italics is used.

As to the ¶ markers, those are part of the text of the KJV.

For an image of Genesis 1 in the 1611 version, see:

I would also appreciate it if my Bibletime would automatically give chapter number and verse number instead of just verse number.

You can do this in BibleDesktop. It is available on the View menu.