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Posted by lsylvain at Jul 14, 2007 11:50:10 AM
Re: corba/orbitcpp bindings make errors
I ran into similiar problems as well, but what if I told you you could get away without having to build at all?! :) You can install the Cygwin orbit2 binaries and run with them instead. I was looking into the best way to build swordweb and decided to update cygwin, and to my very pleasant surprise there was orbit2! I just followed the instructions and placed an orbitrc file in the etc directory under the cygwin install directory.

You can get many, many other binaries of current stuff for cygwin and focus your efforts on only building what you are directly interested in. In my case I am also looking at swordweb and considering putting in a translators page.

Once I resolve my sword build issue (I think I have, and I will post to notify if the bug I think I have found is fixed) I will move to swordweb.

So go for cygwin, and touch base if you have problems.